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Bridgestone - Golf Ball - Tour B RX

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Reinvented the TOUR B RX to feature our new REACTIV cover technology. Until now you had to choose more distance or more spin. With REACTIV you can now get more distance and more spin out of the same golf ball. Designed to fit golfers with swing speeds under 105mph, the new TOUR B RX has higher ball speed for maximum distance while having ‘hit and sit’ performance on approach shots.

This new golf ball has a low 66 compression rating and 338 Dual Dimple pattern with a softer urethane cover. This tour quality ball is a very good fit for golfers looking for Tour feel performance. It’s built and designed to provide improved distance and accuracy, thus giving you the upper hand over the competition.

The improved distance is due to increased speed ball, which results from the Bridgestone Tour B RX’s proprietary core composition, and also thanks to its excellent aerodynamics. The gradation core construction of the Tour B RX is patented by Bridgestone and results in lower side spin, hence great accuracy, which is a big confidence booster on the turf, regardless of one’s skill level. The mantle layer in the Tour B RX is specially constructed using a new chemical formulation, also the cover is firmer, which results in lower spin and greater repulsion, and that makes the ball excellent in terms of distance, bot with the long irons and with the driver.