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Players at all levels are realizing the benefits of a dedicated fitting. Diamana™ TB-Series shafts are designed explicitly to maximize this process. Through a new Consistent Feel Design™, Diamana™ TB-Series feature minimal variance in butt OD, weight and balance point through the entire range – from 40R2 to 80TX. This minimizes any change in feel as a player shifts among options, allowing a fitter to focus on finding the ideal weight/flex pairing for maximum performance. Constructed using a new dual-phase Mitsubishi Chemical [#371 resin system] that produces a carbon-rich structure that is both universally stronger and more responsive.

Consistent Feel Design yields incredible consistency through the entire Diamana™ TB-Series:
• 80% less variance in Butt OD for entire series
• 60% less variance in weight between flexes
• 70% of SKUs within 0.10mm Butt OD & 75% within 0.25mm
• Balance point within 2% for entire series, 1% for each weight

Who it’s best for? Diamana™ TB-Series is ideal for club fitters working with a broad range of players who could benefit from smooth profile shaft, fit with even greater precision.

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