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Accra - Putter - FXP

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Vendor: ACCRA


FX Putter Shafts

Introducing the ACCRA FX Putter.. An entirely new category for fitting a golfer’s set of clubs.

Analysis of design, loft, and lie are all taken into account, yet few take the same serious consideration of matching a shaft to the unique swing characteristics and feel.

ACCRA offers golfers and professional clubfitters an option to test 4 unique putter shafts. All four shafts share the same frequency, yet each offers a different tip flex to match up roll performance with feel. Generally, a longer fluid putting stroke benefits from a more responsive tip section while golfers with more aggressive strokes tend to gravitate toward a stiffer tip shaft. Feel and acoustics are unique to each shaft.

Visit your nearest ACCRA certified clubfitter and ask to test and feel the difference a professionally fit ACCRA shaft makes.